Author: BirdRanger

  • Big 50 coming up

    Next week will see my 50th year around our star on this 3rd rock from the sun. Looking forward to quiet weekend with the family in Hluluwe. That is if such a thing as a quiet family weekend could exist! 😁

  • Sleeping place in preparation

    Finished the frame for the bed in the back of the Ranger and ordered the wood to go on top of the frame. Will be using my air mattress for now and look at permanent mattress later on. The next step is the electrical, getting the solar panel installed and LED lighting inside the canopy.…

  • Training coming up!

    Me and the lady going for our first off road training as pillion rider she needs to know what I’m trying to do when and for me it will be a refresher from the ADA training Honda booked for me when I bought The Twin. I will post some video and photos shortly after the…

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to The purpose of this site is to record some of my life events here and hopefully make some interesting content that someone might enjoy or find use full.